What a wonderful world

Die 6a beschäftigte sich im Englischunterricht mit dem Thema „wonderful world“. In einem Aufsatz sollten die Schülerinnen und Schüler beschreiben, wie ihre wunderbare Welt aussehen würde und sie konnten ihrer Kreativität hier freien Lauf lassen. Die 6a hatte tolle Ideen und die Schülerinnen und Schüler haben wichtige Themen aufgegriffen wie Frieden auf der Welt, Umweltschutz, Freiheit und Akzeptanz für alle Menschen, denn alle sind perfekt, wie sie sind. Hier einige Einblicke in die englischen Texte der Klasse 6a.

Mathilda Schneider:

In my wonderful world there is freedom around the world. There are only nice people and everyone has got a free opinion. In every village there must be an ice cream shop and there are a lot of schools with cool teachers. In school students have the academic subject swimming and dancing. There aren´t any video games because everyone must have fun with their friends and family.

 Paula Puchert:

In my wonderful world everyone has got a home and no one lives on the streets. All animals also have a good home. There should be no mistreatments, no kidnappings and violence. Everybody should be accepted the way they are. EVERYONE IS PERFECT!!  

 Magdalena Birth:

In my wonderful world there is no rubbish on the streets. People live in tiny houses and they are painted in rainbow colors. People all over the world live in peace. There is no war. No one fights and everyone lives in freedom. People help each other and no one is poor.

 Max Sponsel:

My wonderful world is a Star Wars world. There are all the planets and characters that exist in the Star Wars world. I would like to live there with my friends because there is so much to discover. There are different landscapes and cool space ships that you can ride with. 

 Juliana Weibert:

In my wonderful world school should be made out of sweets. In school we would have a lot of trips to beautiful countries or cities. There should also be beautiful houses in my city. Everyone is welcome in my world. 

Simon Weschta:

In my wonderful world there are a lot of trees in the cities. The air is clean and there are no traffic jams. All people live together in a friendly and respectful way. In my wonderful world there is no war, no crime and no crying. My family and friends are always healthy. 

Julius Trautmann:

In my wonderful world all people speak the same language.Another big wish would be that humans are careful with animals and nature. If people are friendly to each other and live together in freedom, our world would be wonderful.

Text: Lisa Bergmann

Bild: Lisa Bergmann