On March 30th 2023, our English class Q11 listened to a report from Marie Schwaab, who’s a Result and Invention Experience Expert for the SAP. She talked about her experience of working in Dubai for six months, where she witnessed completely automated supermarkets. She explained how this technology has revolutionized the retail industry and how it’s perfecting client experience. Mrs Schwaab also talked about her work at SAP, where she created a smart supermarket model in Walldorf and how she and her team inform their clients, e.g. LIDL about AI technology in supermarkets.

After the video session our class talked about the benefits but also the downsides such smart supermarkets could have.

Overall, the video talk was a great learning experience, and we look forward to learning more from experts in the future.

Text: Josef Bräutigam und Susanne Seiler

Bild: Christian Schwerdtfeger (Verändert nach SAP Experience Center Walldorf)