Young people of all nationalities are welcome at Gymnasium Steigerwald-Landschulheim Wiesentheid (LSH), which is a secondary and boarding school. With around 77 boarders of different ages and backgrounds we aim to create a homely environment where they have the same rights and responsibilities like at home. Staff and students, boys and girls, live, work, eat and socialise together in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

The students are supported by educators who work with them in their respective during their prep time.

Boarding Facilities

As a modern and purpose-built building, the facilities are designed to meet the needs of our students. We offer co-educational boarding with boys and girls of different age groups in separate areas, where our staff takes care of them. The students normally sleep in four bedded rooms till the tenth academic year. In the 11th and 12th academic year they are accommodated in triple or twin rooms. Each group has their own bathroom, kitchen and common room with a television. Main meals are taken in the school’s dining hall which is located next to the Boarding House. There is Wifi throughout the facilities.

Boarding Life – Daily Routines

A typical day starts at 7 am when students get up. At 7.15 am they have breakfast and school starts at 7.55 am. Dinner is at one pm after the first six lessons. Afternoon lessons are from 1.45 pm to 5 pm and students without afternoon lessons have prep time. This is the time when they do their homework and prepare for their subjects and it takes place from 2 pm to 6 pm every day. Students have two hours of prep time every day.

Academic support during prep time is provided both by the resident staff and teachers from our school who provide tutorial support during this time. Extracurricular activities such as bowling, ice-skating or swimming are also offered at various times of the year. At 6 pm the students have lunch and after that they have free time. They have to be in the boarding quarters between 8 and 10 pm and in their rooms between 9 and 11 pm depending on their age. At weekends we offer extracurricular activities which range from sports activities to outdoor recreation.


The head of boarding at LSH is Mathias von Borany and the deputy head is Simone Franzmann. They are supported by a team of ten qualified educators.


  • Ages 10 to 11 (5th and 6th academic year): up to 7.924,76 € (including additional fees)
  • Ages 12 to 15 (7th to 9th academic year): up to 8.628,34 € (including additional fees)
  • Ages 12 to 15 (10th to 12th academic year): up to 8.980,11 € (including additional fees)

All fees have to be paid in advance!

Requirements for applying

  • a satisfactory level of German (oral or/and written)
  • a school career equivalent to the German educational system
  • an interview is necessary for acceptance at the LSH
  • all the papers and documents one needs, will be given to the parents after child´s interview with the principal and the head of the boarding school (appointment by telephone +49 9383 97210)
  • the application can only be confirmed in writing, after the fully completed application form has been sent back and the required fee has been transferred to the account of the school board (“Zweckverband”)
  • on presentation of this confirmation one can apply for a visa at the respective embassy “allowing school attendance at the Gymnasium Steigerwald-Landschulheim Wiesentheid“

Visa / Residence permit

  • Non-EU students will enter Germany on a three-months visa showing that the student is allowed to attend the Gymnasium Steigerwald-Landschulheim Wiesentheid.
  • The students will then be supported by the school to receive a residence permit with the local authorities. This permit is bound to the length of school attendance.
  • You are supposed to send a copy of your child´s passport and visa to the school immediately.
  • In addition to your application form you need to provide us with the following documents / material:
    • three passport photographs with the child’s name on the back and biometric details
    • copy of vaccination certificate (translated into German)
    • certificates of qualification (copy of the latest school reports translated into German)
    • copy of birth certificate (translated into German)
    • certificate of custody if necessary (translated into German)
    • authorization: It would be reasonable to have an authorized person who speaks German and will act on behalf of the parents in matters of education. In special cases the authorization can be delegated to the principal.

General information

  • International students will have the status of guest student for one term. If students do well academically, they will be given regular status.
  • Every pupil must have a visa / residence permit for living and studying in Germany, except pupils from the European Union.
  • A personal liability insurance is recommended.