On the 27th of June the students of the ninth grade did an excursion to Nürnberg to attend a
workshop on how to write résumes and manage job interviews in English. From 9:30 AM to 2:15
Pm the students participated in the workshops at the German American Institute and also had a
bit of free time in Nürnberg. While the whole class 9a went to have breakfast in Nürnberg, class 9b
learned what’s the most important in a résume and job interviews. The students not only learned
how to describe themselves in English, but also did job interviews in small groups. A goal of the
workshop was to prepare the students for job interviews and how to answer questions, especially
about themselves, convincingly. After that, class 9a went to the workshop, while the students of
class 9b had free time. At the end of the day all students went back to Wiesentheid by bus.

Bild: Susanne Seiler

Text: Mira Liebald und Celine Jänsch