Over the past few months, our English class has discussed the United States and the United Kingdom, delving into topics such as their different political systems and unique cultural traditions. To conclude these topics on March 19th, 2023, the Q11 decided to get creative in the kitchen by preparing some popular breakfast dishes from both nations.

The menu for the UK featured essentials such as baked beans, bangers, toast, and tea, while for the USA we prepared bagels, bacon, scrambled eggs, flapjacks and French toast. Each dish was assigned to groups in the class, encouraging teamwork and ensuring a diverse menu. The breakfast preparation went smoothly.

Overall our breakfast proved to be a great success, it was an opportunity for our class to bond through laughter in the kitchen and friendly banter at the breakfast table as well as a relaxing unwinding activity before the Easter break.

Text: Kezia Haydricks

Bilder: Eva Burkard